Some of Iain H. McLean's other work besides The Tulip Garden is outlined below. He has written for NBC and CBS as well developing screenplays for independent productions companies. He is a winner of the BAFTA Rocliffe Screenwriting Award for his screenplay adaptation of Tosca.


A novel by Iain H. McLean and Robert Eisner

Barstow focuses on Robert Eisner, a once sagacious television producer, who finds himself stranded and a felon in the Mojave Desert after a rash decision during a journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Events are compounded with Robert going cold turkey from anti-depressants, fighting withdrawal effects as well as his predicament. Facets of Robert’s world weave together in counterpoint. Told from multiple view points at different times, Barstow explores how Robert deals with being stranded in the desert while struggling to remain sane.

An inexorable odyssey into the American psyche in the Mojave desert.

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